Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Item 2-5(b):Blog classification

Like every other medium, blog needs to have a classification system to work out the overview content of blogs and to specifically refer to the types of blog; rather than just vaguely generalize everything is 'blog'. Simons (2008) did a simple taxonomy system to classify the contents. However, she did not specify whether the video form of blogging, vlog and micro-blogging is included in the taxonomy.

With the rapid, increasing change of blogging system, it is hard to pinpoint specific and the best way to classify the blog world. Simons form of taxonomy is far from perfect as she did not address issues such as blogs that are empty nor those the blogs that are mixtures of themes. For example, people that blogs about their lives that may also be teaching readers ways of DIYs such as cooking as well. In that case, it will be a mixture of diary blogging and popular mechanics blogging. For now, tagging system may be the next best thing before a classifying system is made.



Simons, M. 2008, 'Towards a taxonomy of blogs', Australian Policy Online, viewed 18 November 2009,

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