Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Item 2-5(e): New forms of media publishing

Publishing has taken up a new form and it is not just mere simple form of blogging. In fact the dissemination has taken up many forms by now (Naughton, 2006). According to Walsh (2006), multimodal texts's meaning can be interpreted through a synchronization of modes. It can incorporate still or moving picture, speech or text and may be seen on paper or screen that can incorporate sounds and music. Moblogs and vlogs are such examples of multimodal texts that are another form of blogging as well. Many vlogs can be seen on video sharing site, Youtube.

These days, information dissemination are getting faster, more compact and cheaper. For instance, President Barack Obama shares his political updates on Youtube. Youtube is free and viewer can choose to watch whichever videos there anytime they wants to, unlike old media like television whereby the programme and time slots are already scheduled. In Malaysia, political bloggers like Anilnetto chose the alternative of Tweeter to update on the spot information while at the scene of political incidents. Therefore, new media publishing is breaking the grounds where old media could not; fast and sometimes real-time news updates that reaches mass audiences and involve them as well.


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