Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Item 2-5(c): Blogging communities

Through blogging, a community can be formed through comments interactions between the bloggers-to-readers and readers-to-readers. There are 3 ways that blogging communities that can be formed; single blog/blogger centric community, central connecting topic community, and boundaried community (White,N. 2006).

Through the way of central connecting community, a network is formed via discussion of the same topic of interest. An example of such blogging would be that of Malaysian politician, Jeff Ooi. Jeff Ooi was first a popular political blogger before becoming a politician. A community in his blog is formed through the hyperlinking and blogrolls in other blogging political sites such as Internet news site, Malaysiakini and a host of other prominent local political blogger's sites. There is also the case of consistency in updating as readers in the blog would become more regular and active in commenting once they are used to and can identify to the blogger's viewpoints.



White, N. 2006, 'Blogs and community - launching a new paradigm for online community?', The Knowledge Tree, edition 11, viewed 18 November 2009,

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